Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd. was formed in 1984 from the result of a management buy out from parent company Baker Perkins. Since that time, the company has continued to specialise in the manufacture of equipment for the 'chemically bonded' or 'no-bake' process.

The design department at Omega is equipped with the latest computer aided technology to ensure the company remains at the forefront of equipment development. Our trained service engineers are capable of overseeing large foundry installations either in the UK or overseas. We also have a global network
of agents and distributors dedicated to providing the optimum level of
customer support.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of:
   •   Sand Mixing
  Mould Handling
    Sand Reclamation
  Coating Plants
  Core Making
  Ancillary Items
Sand Mixing Mould Handling Sand Reclamation Coating Plants Core Making Ancillary Items
T +44 (0) 1733 232 231
Serving the Equipment Needs of the No-Bake Foundry Industry Worldwide